File-Mate 1500 Build 1.2 Update

Product: File-Mate 1500

Version: 7.5, Build 1.2

Product Overview:

Version 7.5 is the current version of File-Mate 1500, it replaced version 7 or File-Mate 1500. This version is an annual subscription product that is available as a singe license, a small group license, and an office version. Please see the product page of File-Mate 1500 for more details on both product and pricing.


Fixed issue with rolling over Carrier information.
Fixed issue with rolling over Referring Physician information.
Moved Referring Physician information to Provider tab.
Added ability to set NPI number when setting CPT code.
Fixed issue with area code when rolling over Patient information.
Added ability to choose Billing or Service address on Invoice.
Fixed issue with display of Other ID in Provider edit dialog.
Added sort for Dates and Amount to Procedure list.
Fixed code dealing with sort up and down for Procedures.
Updated online manual.