File-Mate 1500 Update

New Version Update

Product: File-Mate 1500

Version: 7.5, Build 1.1

Product Overview:

Version 7.5 is the current version of File-Mate 1500, it replaced version 7 or File-Mate 1500. This version is an annual subscription product that is available as a singe license, a small group license, and an office version. Please see the product page of File-Mate 1500 for more details on both product and pricing.


This update is a maintenance update that fixes, or changes the following;

Unarchive of forms was updated.

An archive button was added to the form edit view to match the functionality of older versions.

"Edit list items" links were added to most of the list views in the Home page, these allow for selections and clearing of files, plus actions such as delete and archive/unarchive.

Find was added to most of the secondary data sources, these include Codes, Providers and Referrers.

Form print templates where updated to allow for larger Modifiers.

ChargesĀ and Total Charges of Procedures were updated to filter and display numbers with more then 2 digits after the decimal.

Code was added to check for sort values in the Procedures list, this could cause the Procedures to not display when printing.


This is a free update for current Annual subscribers.

To update:

1) Make, or confirm that you have a backup of your database. This could be a copy of the "Data.fmd" file, or backup file from the Export Dialog found under the File menu.

2) Download the installer from the product page on this web site.

4) Run the installer to update your code.

5) Open new application, this should reload your registration number, and import your prior data.