File-Mate 1500


File-Mate 1500 (1 Year)

A budget friendly way to purchase File-Mate 1500 at a great price. Same features as the other versions, but with a one year license it's just right for the small office, or sole proprietor.


File-Mate 1500 (2 Year)

Same great software as the single year version, but with a longer license. This is our most popular package.


File-Mate 1500 (3 Year)

Our best value, purchase this 3 year license and lock in your price and save money while enjoying great software and avoiding the hassle of updating.

Current Version

File-Mate 1500 version 8.0 (Win build 2.1, Mac build 2.1)

System Requirements

Supported Forms: The new CMS 02/12
Windows: Windows® XP or better, Including Windows 10
Mac: OSX 10.12 or higher


Check Out These Great Features

Version 8.0: Updated and refreshed for Windows 10 and latest Mac OS. All with the goal to making your form entry easier. This new version supports all the components of the new 02/12 form and ICD 10.

3 Purchase Options: Choose from 3 different annual purchase options; Purchase either a 1 year, 2 year or money saving 3 year licnse options.

Multiple Form Pages: Now you can enter more then 6 procedures on a single form, the program will automatically print a second or third page if needed.

Patient and Insured Find: Updated find feature allows multiple search criteria.

Ease of use: File-Mate 1500’s intuitive, user-friendly interface lets you get started with a minimal learning curve. It breaks the HCFA / CMS 1500 form into logical sections and guides you through each screen, making it easy to complete medical claim form and get paid faster.

Plain Paper printing: Use your laser and ink jet printer with either plain paper or preprinted HCFA / CMS 1500 forms. Prints "Red" forms with color print.

Clearing House Enabled: Use either version to produce Print Image files to quickly send medical reimbursement information to most online Clearing Houses.

Data Entry Tools: Create your own library of CPT / HCPCS and ICD-10 codes for quick data entry.

Automatic invoicing: Print Invoices directly from within File-Mate, or Export XLS data to use with Quick Books.

Data Management Tools: Keep all your forms in one place. Use File-Mate’s summary screen to sort forms and find what you need quickly.

Tracking Tools: File-Mate’s self-saving database tracks all your HCFA / CMS 1500 forms in one place. Never miss a payment again.

Index Fill-in: File-Mate 1500 software automatically populates fields with data such as Name, Address and birth date with its Index feature.

Free Tech Support: We’re committed to providing the best customer service in the business. That’s why we offer free e-mail support for File-Mate 1500.

  • File-Mate 1500 software tour image
  • File-Mate 1500 software tour image

How to convert a demo to a licensed version
You may use the demo version of File-Mate 1500 as long as you like. We want you to explore all of its functionality; however, the forms you create will include a watermark. To remove this watermark, simply purchase a registration number from this web site.

After purchasing, we will e-mail you a registration key, enter this number into your demo version and click register. 

Annual Purchase Options

  • Single -A budget friendly way to purchase File-Mate 1500 at a reduced price. Same features as the other versions, but with single license it's just right for the small office, or sole proprietor.
  • Group - For those office that want to share the task of entering claims, or there are moe then one persons that have a need to use the software, here is group plan that fits. Our Group plan give you up to 3 license to use within your office, or share with your external claims person.
  • Office -This is a single office license that allows you to install File-Mate 1500 on up to 10 different work stations. This is a great option for those office that want to have File-Mate on multiple machines so the forms can be entered by the technicians as the work is being done. Learn More

How to install File-Mate 1500

  1. Download one of the installers from this page, and save it to your desktop. 
  2. Run the installer. Either run the application from with the browser, or locate the installer file and double click to launch, follow the Setup Wizard to install.
  3. Launch the application. Windows users can use the shortcut or the start menu. Mac users should open the Application folder and double click the application.

How to update File-Mate 1500
The update process involves reinstalling the application with the latest installer (see the instructions on installing) and re-importing your data. The re-import process is automatic once the install is complete. Updates within the same version are free.

You will need reregister the application after updating.

If you are using the older File-Mate 1500 version 6.x.x, you can download the last installer for that version here. Download Windows, Mac or upgrade to the latest version, call us for your current user discount.

Have Questions?: Call 855-376-1500

These forms are used to submit health insurance claims to Medicare, Medicaid, insurance companies, or processing clearinghouses. Printed in red ink on special bond paper, these forms comply with government regulations and specifications.

All forms are the new the (02/12) version.

HCFA / CMS 1500 envelopes (Small)
This #10, single, right-window envelope has a security screen and holds up to twelve claims.

HCFA / CMS 1500 envelopes (Large)
This 9 1/2 x 12 1/2, single, right-window envelope holds up to 50 unfolded claims and is labeled “First Class Mail, Health Insurance Claim Forms, and Please Do Not Bend” for easy identification. Use this envelope with CMS 1500 forms that have no bar code.

Delivery and Return Policy
All forms are delivered via US Postal Service. To return, or exchange any physical product, please call 855-376-1500 or email us at

Once I order, how long does it take to get my registration number?
You receive your registration number immediately after we approve your credit card.

What is your warranty and return policy?
We stand behind our products and guarantee that product will work as advertised. All of our products are available as a demo, we highly encourage all users to first try the demo and make sure it works on your system and if you have any questions to call or write to make sure you are getting the correct product as all sales are final.

Can I use my old registration code for the new version?
No, version 3 requires that you purchase an upgrade and you will receive a new registration number at the point. As an existing customer you should have received an email with a renewal discount code. If you did not receive this email please call tech support and we will resend the email.

What if I just purchased the old version last week?
You're in luck! If you have purchased a full version within the last 30 days of a new product release, you are eligible for a full credit towards the purchase of the new product. Please contact tech support for your updated registration number.

Will the new version import my old data?
Yes, new version of the software will have the ability to import data from the most recent previous versions. If may also be possible to import older versions, but this is dependent on the version.

Can more than one person use File-Mate?
Yes, you can install File-Mate on a network server or on a shared folder on a local machine. Then one at a time, anyone with access can open and use the software.

Where does File-Mate store my data? 
File-Mate stores all the data in a single file called HCFA.frm. This file is located in the main application folder.

Can I back up my data?
Yes! File-Mate has both backup and restore functions, which you can access from the startup page. The backup tool copies your database to the Backup folder, which resides in the Tax-Mate folder. The Recover button overwrites existing data with your backup data.

Can I change the data once I have imported it?
Yes — you can edit, add, or delete any data using File-Mate.

Can I print to plain paper?
Yes. In fact, File-Mate can save you money because it prints forms on plain paper.

I'm getting an error when open the application "This action cannot be perform..." What should I do?
This error is usually caused by a conflict with the User Account Control on Window Vista and Windows 7. see PDF file for ways to solve the problem. (View PDF instructions)

How do I move the program from an old pc to a new one? 
Simply move the folder contents from the old to the new. or use your original installer (same version as the current application) to install a copy of the program on the new pc. Then move your data file(s) (all the ".frm" files) to the new pc, and overlay the existing blank data file that was just installed with your old data file. (View PDF instructions)

Tech Support

How do I get Tech Support?
We are a small company with limited resources, and we don't necessarily have some manning the tech support line every hour of the day.

Emailing your questions to is your best bet for getting any answer.

If you prefer to call we do our best to answer the phone (855-376-1500) during business hours, and especially try to have someone answer during designated tech support hours:

Tuesday and Wednesday - 8:30am-11am

Monday and Thursday - 12:30pm-3pm

If we don't answer the phone it may mean we are on the line with another customer, please leave a detailed message and we'll call you back. If you are calling during non-business hours, holidays, weekend, etc., please feel free to leave a voice message, we try to answer all calls with 24 hours.

What are your business hours?
We are open 9-4:30 M-F, and observe most traditional US holidays. Since we are in Arizona, we are in Mountain Standard Time for the winter months, i.e. Day Light Saving time, and Pacific Standard Time for most of the summer months.

How does the remote support work?
We have the ability to log onto your computer (with your permissions, of course) and show you how the program works. We use a program called Team Viewer that be downloaded here: (Win,Mac).